Getting Started Guide.

Thanks for successfully installing Big Screen Photos v2!

How Do I ?....  (Big Screen Photos v2 + Windows 7/Vista Media Center)

To make the most of this product - please see the step by step guides below for more further information.

Start this product from within Windows Media Center.

Activate this product so my Trial Period / or Registration begins.

Reactivate/Reverify this product after I've Purchased a full license (without requiring reinstallation).

Add (and Remove) a Big Screen Product Icon to the Windows Media Center "Online Media" Start Menu.

For Information specifically related to Yahoo! flickr content and Big Screen Photos v2 - please see the information below.

Add my Yahoo! flickrâ„¢ User Account(s) - and access private content from my account (and from my friends/contacts)

Assign Geo-Tag information to my Yahoo! flickr photos (so they appear in the Geo Browser).

Change the Resolution and Quality of pictures Downloaded by Big Screen Photos 2.


Please visit our online FAQ if you require further assistance - or Contact Us via Email.