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This website - bigscreenglobal.com - and the Big Screen Product Range is developed and created by mobilewares.net. Please see below for information about mobilewares.net.

about mobilewares.net Pty Ltd

mobilewares is a company based in Melbourne, Australia - with a passion for creation of consumer applications for new platforms/devices - and providing freelance development services to 3rd party companies.

mobilewares was started in 2001 by Niall Ginsbourg (a software developer/solution architect with 15+ yrs experience).  The company's initial focus was mobile phone applications and on-site consultancy (hence the name 'mobilewares') - and released a number of j2me applications + games which were distributed worldwide in over 5 languages. During this time - mobilewares also delivered a number of projects to leading Australian mobile phone content aggregators / providers - such as developing one of the most popular launch sites on Telstra's i-mode system.

In late 2005 mobilewares turned it's sites onto Media Center (and other PVR), .NETv3, and Vista related products and services. By this time mobilewares had already dabbled in the world of HTPC/PVR - having already released a widely used 10 foot EPG addin "Now Showing" for Showshifter, a developer API for PVR's "PVRX" - as well as contributing to the popular open source PVR project  "DVB-Webscheduler".

Since then - mobilewares has made a major splash in the world of Vista Media Center + WPF application development - having launched a full range of products ("Big Screen" product rangewhile Vista was still in beta - and have several 'world firsts' to boot (such as being the first company to deploy a MCPL DLL Addin, a MCML Web Application and Vista XBAP Applications).

The Big Screen product range has been hugely popular - sporting a user base in the tens of thousands - and one of the products "Big Screen Headlines" was also voted 'Best Vista Media Center Application" iin the 'Media Center Show Awards 2006'. Company owner Niall Ginsbourg was also awarded a "Microsoft MVP 2007" (Windows Media Center) in April 2007,  for contributions to the development community.

In amongst creating the "Big Screen" products - mobilewares continues to provide outsourced project services to many high profile Australian + overseas clients - and has already delivered a number of Media Center, WPF and Vista projects.

If you'd like to find out more - please contact us on the email address below.