Getting Started Guide.

How Do I Add (and Remove) a Big Screen Product Icon to the Media Center Start Menu?

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       a. Windows Media Center provides the ability to add a 'single' Icon to the "Online Media"
           Start Menu
. To add a Big Screen Icon - please Navigate to the program library
            - find the desired product's Icon and click the (info) button on your remote -
            control (or right mouse button if using a mouse) - and a context menu will popup
            as displayed below.

          NB: Icon's added to the Online Media Strip are 'Last In Best Dressed' - and since
                  only a single icon can be added at a time - each time you perform these steps
                 the previous Icon (on 'Online Media' Start Menu) will be replaced.

                 Also note that this function is done on a 'per user' basis - so you changes
                 made on your Media Center machine will not appear on your extender
                 (and vice versa).



When this context menu appears (as above) - click [ok] on the item titled
           'Add to Start Menu'
and a confirmation dialog will appear. (see below)


       c. Click the 'Yes' option on this confirmation dialog (as above) -
and the product
           Icon will appear on the "Online Media" strip.  (See below)


If you'd like to remove the icon from the Start Menu - then repeat step (a-c) - but
           note that this time an option will be presented titled - 'Remove from Start Menu'.




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