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 Latest Global Weather delivered direct to your Lounge room ....
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    Big Screen Weather v2
Product SKU BSWV2
Registration Subscription (2 Year)
License Type Single Machine License*
Price (USD) $19.95


NB: If you have an existing Serial Number issued from a '30 Day Trial' - you can optionally nominate to 'upsize' this Registration to a full license on the next page.
NB: You must Sign Up for a *free* account
before downloading and purchasing.
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*Important Purchasing Notes
  • Your Purchase is considered final (no warranty provided) - and instead a '30 day' trial period is provided with each product to allow you to determine if the product is working to your satisfaction. Whilst best endevours are used to try and ensure this product is enhanced/updated to work with new versions of Windows Media Center (and updates/patches released by Microsoft over time) - there is no guarantee that this will be possible (as this scenario is completely beyond the control of mobilewares.net). Similarly as some products may utilize data feeds from 3rd party providors (directly or indirectly) - we cannot guarantee nor provide any warranty that these 3rd parties will always be working or available.
  • A 'Single Machine License' allows you to install the purchased product on a single Windows Media Center Machine using the supplied Serial Number (which may be accessed by up to 5 Media Center Extender Devices such as an Xbox360). This single machine license may be transferred/changed to another machine at a later time - on the strict condition that you completely uninstall the product (and serial number) on the original/previous machine.
  • A 'Family License' allows you to install the purchased product on up to 5 x Windows Media Center Machines using the supplied Serial Number in a single household which share same internet connection (and is strictly to be used for 'personal' / 'non commercial use' only). Alternatively - for commercial use of a 'Family License' (ie. including workplace, retail/wholesale facility, educational/government site etc) - you may only use this Serial Number on a single machine only (and will be subject to the terms/conditions of a 'Single Machine License').
  • When your purchase online using our instant activation system - your currently installed version (along with the serial number above) will be upgraded to the full version.
  • Using the 'Reverify' functionality within the product - you can instantly unlock your currenly installed copy - from inside the Media Center Interface (no more information to enter - and no reinstallation).
  • This product may also be subject to additional terms and conditions of usage - such as those detailed on the product registration pages, the setup program's End User License Agreement and the supplied product documentation. Please ensure that you read and agree to these additional terms before deciding to purchase this product.

Please Note : The Serial Number and Download details above are unique to your account (and is subject to either 'Single Machine' or 'Family License' restrictions as per your purchase and detailed above) - and is not to be redistributed, duplicated, shared or restransmitted in any other form. Misuse of Serial Numbers / Downloads will result in cancellation of the above Serial Number - and would be considered a breach of international copyright law (which may result in criminal charges or civil action).

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