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** Big Screen Weather v2 - Known Issues (Updated : 8th February, 2008) **

Issue #1 :
 (FIXED: 9th Feb/2008) Forecast Data for some NWS Locations missing (4 Cities affected ie. Seattle).

This problem has now been fixed (thanks to the NOAA for updating their SOAP service)  - no reinstallation/update is necessary for users, and correct data will now be available as before for these affected locations.

 Issue #2 : Incorrect handling of Vista Regional Decimal Symbol Setting. (where Decimal Symbol is set to a comma instead of period).

   Due to a bug in the product's handling of Decimal Symbol handling - if users Vista Regional Settings are configured to use a Comma -
   instead of a period (as per most languages) - then values may be incorrectly displayed in the application (and will have their values multiplied
   by 10.   Ie.   If the current temperature is 10 degrees - this would be displayed as 100 degrees.).

   This problem will only occur for some cultures that use this setting (Finnish etc).

  Current workaround : Set the Decimal Symbol to use a period '.'  instead of a comma ',' - and values will be displayed correctly.

  Fix Date/Resolution :  This problem will be fixed in the next revision of Big Screen Weather v2 (re-installation will be required).

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