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Product Support

Q. What type of support is offered for  Big Screen Products?

A. In order for us to offer you the Big Screen product range at these very low prices (ranging in price from USD$14.95 - USD$24.95) - only 'basic' product support is provided via email for customers who have purchased the products via bigscreenglobal.com (otherwise we would need to substantially increase the base purchase price to accommodate any potential support incidents).

Instead - we provide you the opportunity to try the full product out - completely free of charge (with no obligation to purchase / and no need to pay up front) - so that you can ensure that the product meets your requirements and operates as expected on your setup.

Big Screen Products will also be updated/improved as time progresses (and free 'incremental' updates will be offered to existing customers / and for trial where appropriate).

As such - refunds would only be granted under exceptional circumstances (and would only be offered if it was found that we were completely at fault). 

Please note that technical support from bigscreenglobal.com can ONLY be offered in English at this time.


Q. A particular feature stopped working in a Big Screen product - are these  considered to be 'bugs'?

A. In most cases - the Big Screen products call upon 3rd party data feeds + providers behind the scenes in order to provide the functionality you are using. Unfortunately - we don't have any control over these 3rd party providers (and they offer their data for free) - and should their systems be unavailable (either temporarily or permanently) - we suggest you contact these 3rd parties directly.

In addition to this - the Big Screen products attempt to offer a large gamut of features/functions with each product (rather than just offer 1 or 2 features) - and in some cases - not everything will always operate as expected (or may be broken by things completely beyond our control - such as windows update - or changes you make to your system configuration).

If you believe a 'bug' has occurred which is the fault of a Big Screen product - and not due to a 3rd party provider being unavailable (which was not previously displayed when you 'trialled' the product) - please let us know (and where there is something that can be done) - and we will attempt to fix or 'workaround' the issue (and provide an update as appropriate).

Q. My product was preinstalled with an OEM system - who should I contact for support ?

A. If you were supplied the full version of a Big Screen product as part of system you purchased (rather than purchasing the full product from our website) - it's expected that your vendor will be responsible for technical support enquiries relating to Big Screen products.

Please consult the documentation/invoices that was supplied with your computer (or hardware) for further contact details of your vendor. (and your vendor may then elect to raise the technical support issue with us on your behalf).

Q. Is Product Support offered for Trial Versions?

A. While we welcome product feedback from customers - please appreciate that we can't guarantee to answer all technical support enquiries if regarding a trial version of a product (and no payment has been completed). In most cases however - we will read your enquiries/and will be taken on board for future versions and support documentation updates (and is a worthwhile exercise - even if no direct reply is received).