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Trial Versions

Q. How can I download a trial version of the Big Screen products ?

A. After you have created an account, you will be able to download trial versions of the Big Screen Products (via the download page for each product). When signing up for a Trial Version - you must agree to the terms and conditions of usage - and once completed - the following will be made available (and accessible in future via your account) :

  • A unique Serial Number (which is required for Installation). 

    (Optional) This Serial Number can also be downloaded as a text file (and supplied during installation) - which may be easier for you than copying and pasting the information from your account page.

  • A downloadable Setup File (which will be enclosed inside a .zip file for faster download). The Setup File will vary in size depending on the product - and may be somewhere between 2-8 megabytes in size (the exact size will be displayed along with the download link).

  • An email will also be sent to you email address - that contains your serial number and a link for downloading the product (for future reference). This email can also be requested/issued at a later date (via the Account/Download Page) - should you accidentally delete this email.

Q. When does my trial version begin?

A. The Trial Period begins the first time that you run your Big Screen product from within Media Center (and you will be asked to run the inbuilt 'Activation' Wizard) - as opposed to the date of your download/registration (to ensure you get the maximum number of days - even if you don't install or run it immediately after download).

The Activation wizard is quick/simple to run - and requires no further information be entered.

Q. How long does the trial version of my Big Screen product go for?

A. The standard trial period for products issued via this website is for 30 days. (However this trial period may be shorter/longer depending on a number of factors - and in some cases if bundled with OEM Systems/Hardware - extended trial period may be offered).

Q. My trial period has expired -  should I uninstall it from my computer?

A. If you wish to purchase the full version of the product - you can simply 'upsize'/'upgrade' your existing installation without having to remove/reinstall it on your computer. When purchasing - you should nominate to have the same serial number 'upsized' (that was issued to you when you tried out the product) - otherwise you can run the Product Registration Tool located in the Windows Desktop Start Menu (under the 'All Programs|Big Screen|<Product>').