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Q. How do I purchase one of the Big Screen products?

A. In order to purchase any of the Big Screen products - we first require that you create an account on bigscreenglobal.com - so that we are able to issue you with the appropriate download links and serial numbers (and contact you if any problems occur during purchase).

Creating an account is completely free - and also allows you to download/try any of our products (and ensure it meets your needs/requirements prior to purchase.)

Once you have created an account on this site - you can quickly and easily purchase products either via

a) the 'purchase' page/links provided throughout this site (ie. each product mini site contains a 'purchase' page with appropriate 'Buy Now' links). Once purchase is completed - you will be issued a new Serial Number which will grant you a full/unlocked version of the product.


b) via clicking the appropriate 'Buy Now' links in the Account section (if you have already signed up for a trial version and would like to upgrade an existing serial number/installation to be a full unlocked version).

Q. If I've already installed a Trial Version of a Big Screen product - do I need a new Serial Number / or do I need to re-install anything?

A. When making your purchase - you can nominate to either have a brand new serial number issued to you - or if you have already signed up for a trial version - you can simply 'upsize'/'unlock' the serial number issued to you already.

If you choose to 'upsize' an existing Serial Number - and you've already installed the nominated product on your Media Center PC (using that Serial Number) - on completion/confirmation of purchase - you can simply use the 'Reverify/ReActivate' function which is built into the Big Screen Product's. (within the Product's Media Center interface).

for example :

Big Screen Photos v2 : the 'reactivate' function is located in the 'about' menu (once you launch the product from within Media Center).

Big Screen Weather v2 : the 'Reverify Registration' function is located in the 'about' menu (once you launch the product from within Media Center).

Q. What payment methods are accepted for online purchase?

A. Payments are handled securely and safely online via PayPal. This allows various methods of payment to be used such as Credit Cards, Paypal Micro Cash - plus various other options (which may also be made available depending on your country of origin - and status of your account. Please see PayPal's support section for more information.)

Please note : For your additional safety/security - we do not store (nor intercept or receive) any of your private Payment or PayPal Account Details (and is handled solely via the external PayPal system).

Q. Do I need a Paypal account to be able to make a purchase?

A. No - you don’t need an actual Paypal account to purchase a Big Screen product - and can accept direct Credit Card payments (via the Paypal purchasing system).

Q. What are the benefits of having a Paypal account?

A. Having a Paypal account can be beneficial if you don’t own a credit card, or you would like to manage and track your purchases via one account. (as you will be able to easily view previous payment/invoice history via Paypal's sophisticated online accounts system). 

In some cases (and depending on payment methods/country of origin) - any additional fees/charges collected by Paypal may also be reduced via using an account. (please see Paypal for more detail).