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Overview RSS News + Blogs Video On Demand Podcasts and Media
IE Subscriber Feeds Built In Presets User Favorites Synchronization Tool
Extender Support Multi Lingual Support Customize Views Setup/Activation

             Easy and Simple to setup – with inbuilt activation and Instant Upsize (on Purchase).
 Click to Full Screenshot in New Window

 Click to Full Screenshot in New Window

Integrated with our online membership + registration system – unlocking full software was never easier. 
  • Quick and Easy online Activation – built right into the Media Center Interface.

  • Auto Detects (and recognizes) Media Center Extenders (3rd party PIKA 2.0 + Xbox360 based units) – and optimizes your experience on a ‘per device’ basis. (with support for up to 5 Media Center Extenders).

  • Inbuilt version checking allows you to quickly check for newer revisions.

  • Designed for ALL popular Vista Media Center configurations – with full support for 32 Bit, 64 Bit Windows Vista (Home + Premium).
Try It Like It? Buy It ....   Instant Online Activation on Purchase - no reinstall..